We are a full-service web design and digital marketing agency. Modern day Mad Men who won't settle for mediocrity.

Web Design & Development

We develop dynamic and responsive websites that automatically adjust across all platforms (Static to Mobile). Our websites will catch the attention of your clients, and bring your message home.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Plain and simple....RK Tech will get you seen. Our on-line strategies meet, beat and crush the competition. We achieve top spot ranking because second best is just that..... second.

Paid Advertising

We help you bring in buyers and qualified leads quickly through paid for searches, social media advertisements, and sponsored content on other sites.

Mobile App Development

Do you have an idea that needs to be implemented. We create Apps. We take your idea, storyboard it, create a wire frame, and design full working applications from your vision.

Reputation Management

Oops... did something happen on the Internet that you don't like? Did someone post something that was harmful to you or your business? We specialize in helping fix these missteps. Or better yet... do you just want to make sure that your reputation on the Internet is managed properly, we specialize in ensuring that all your profiles and exposure on the Internet remain positive.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are relatively new outlets to help advertise your business. We tie in our SEO & Digital Marketing strategies, sprinkle in creativity and help increase your exposure across all Social Media avenues.

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