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Optimizing Your Website to Generate Leads

What is Website Optimization?

Website optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is boosting the ranking of your website on common search engines like Google. Lets say your business is an auto body shop. If someone is looking to get their car fixed, they might search online for a shop nearby. With search engine optimization, your website will be one of the first links that pops up in their Google search.


How Can Optimizing My Website Help My Business?

Optimizing your website can help you in many ways. Most importantly, it will help you generate leads. If your website is one of the first to pop up in a Google search, it is more likely to be seen, therefore it is more likely to be clicked on. If people are actively seeing your website, and clicking on it, you have a much higher chance of gaining their business. Most people will not click past the first Google page when they are conducting a search. They will typically trust one of the first few things that pop up.

Generating Leads Through Optimization

In order to generate and follow up on leads, you are going to need to create a call to action on your site. When a potential customer does a Google search and finds your website, you don’t want to lose their potential business. Creating a call to action on your website can help you collect their information and follow up with them personally. If someone clicks on your link through Google, you will want them to see something that will catch their attention and allow them to inquire about your services. For example, you want to display a phrase such as “Get a Free Quote”, “Make an Appointment”, “Sign Up”, “Start Your Free Trial”, etc. When your customers see these phrases on your site, they can click on them and input their information so that you are notified and can follow up with them. This will not only boost your business, but it will be a convenience for your customers, because it is an easy way for them to get more information about what you can provide for them.

How Do I Optimize My Website?

You can leave the optimizing to us! Companies like RK Tech specialize in optimizing your website. We can make sure that your website is always at the top of Google searches, so that you get lots of exposure and potential business! We pride ourselves in drawing attention to your business, and making you stand out against your competitors. RK Tech can also guide you through creating a call to action so that you can gain more business through your website.

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